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Great I Am by Knocklife (Album)


Product Name: Great I Am by Knocklife (Album)

Alternative Title:

Artiste: Knocklife

Product Code: KE:1500

UPC Barcode: 191079241361

UK UPC Barcode: 0191079241361

15 Tracks, 48 Minutes Long

Genre: Rap & Reggae (R&R)

Product Album: MP3 and CD

Release Date: Feb 03,2017

Executive Producer: Sherwayne Morgan of Knocklife Entertainment.

©2017 Knocklife Entertainment / Bold n Boasy Entertainment.

Great I am, The eagerly anticipated Album by Dancehall hot rapper Knocklife. This album is all about the growth of Knocklife and the social diaspora of good and bad. It is also very educational, entertaining.

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