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Kingdom Rap Yardi n Abroad Hip Hop (EP). Is A Well Together (EP) with Various Artistes and Five (5) Outstanding Tracks On The Kingdom Instrumental Produce by Blitz Beat and Carlton Brown Of Bold n Boasy Entertainment, other Produce's on this (EP) are Knocklife Entertainment, Don Profit, Cherry Blood & Romye. Kingdom Rap Yardi n Abroad Hip Hop (EP) Is Rated Mature, Raw With Gangster Feeling and Dark As Hell With Knocklife and Mental From Jamaica, Cherry Blood, Young Tay and Don Profit From America.

Nuff Respect To, Carlton Brown (Jr) aka Young Tay, Don Profit, Knocklife, Mental, Cherry Blood, Gino Veddy Cheddy, Blitz, J Keez For Making This (EP) Number One.

Executive Producer: Carlton Brown of Bold n Boasy Ent.

1. Intro. I Die, Dad Die by Young Tay

2. Dem A Dead by Mental

3. Balls and My Word by Don Profit

4. Kingdom (Kingdom Won) by Cherry Blood Ft Gino Veddy Cheddy

5. Religion (My Life Nice Without christ) by Knocklife

6. Heard Dem Scream by Romye Ft. J Keez

7. Kingdom (Instrumental)

8. Outro. Dad Is a Dead Beat by Young Tay

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