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I Am, What I Am (Dancehall Hot Rapper) Album


Knocklife Album, I Am, What I Am (Dancehall Hot Rapper)

Carlton Brown, Shastri Music and Blitz Beats team up on a historical moment with a Monster Album I AM, WHAT I AM (DANCEHALL HOT RAPPER) By KNOCKLIFE, this album is the rapper second studio album with tracks like Take A Pic for the party fans, Seduce Seduction for the lovers, Street Stigma a Big Shout Out to Farrockaway New York and Fans are excited all across the world. The Jamaican, Trinidad & Tobago and Canadian Natives take it back to the streets. Bold n Boasy Entertainment, Shastri Music and Blitz Beats together on this 12 Tracks Album. They're letting the Majors thinking hard and planning to make HISTORY. This is the Most anticipated production collaboration of the year, Reggae Icon Roland "Johnny Dollar" Burrell is back with a big Collab with Knocklife on the track LOVE AFFAIR, other artiste collab with the hot rapper Knocklife are Chilando, Ricky Chopz and Minky.

(1). Seduce (Seduction) - 4:24

(2). Love Affair - Ft. Roland Burrell - 3:30

(3).Face The Fact - 3:20

(4). I Am, What I Am Ft. Chilando - 2:59

(5). Dem Sell Wi Out by Ricky Chopz Ft.

Knocklife & Minky - 3:56

(6). Take A Pic - 3:58

(7). These Streets - 4:00

(8). Street Stigma - 4:14

(9). Youth Story - 4:05

(10). Religion - 4:04

(11). Tonight - 3:13

(12). I Like It - 3:45


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