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Sherwayne Morgan aka Knoclife

Give thanks to God, My Mother and Father, my wife KAM, my 2 Sons, King Man Nuff Love my Lord and to the world. Big Up: The Late Great Sexy.G, Annicka, Danger Chirs, Minky, Big Up Far Away New York, 05 LIVE I hear You Son. and friends radio dj's, promoter's, Producer's, Carlton Brown, Leon Williams, Peter Baugh, Garfeild Woodstock and Top Ranking R.I.P.

With my first album entitled "LIFE", one of the pleasures of show business is to see a myself continue to grow mature in my selection of song material. It is quite evident that with this album "LIFE" you will see i have reached a new plateau in my Career with tracks like, School It, Relationship, Joy and Sweet Malik collab's with Grip Wrench and more. This album is a must have with this album fans and family will not be disappointed.

The reason you should buy my album entitle " LIFE " is because its about everyday life issuse, it also teaches you on how education is the key to servive in all asspect of life. We are here to live loving amongs each other that would make the world a much better place, also have party song, another way to eleveate from negitivity as we all come together as one and have fun. It gives a feeling of love, make you want to dance and with Jamaican Culture. It’s like you are listening to a Tupac, Sean Paul or Jay Z Album.

Words From The Executive Producer

I would love to give a Very Special thanks to GOD, The one and only Lurline Baker love you girl, Kirk Levy, Junior Boasy, Nashalee, Zoe', Carlton Brown(JR), Jodi-ann Brown, Romero Brown, Joeie Brown and Jaedane Brown for the Inspiration.

All the Musician's and Producer's, my Respect and Love for your long hours in the studio and to all who made this album possible.

Special Thanks


Colin Levy aka Iley Dread, Ali Levy, Damian Forbes, Dahlia Heron, Amera Lyons, Geoffrey Star, Grip Wrench, Knocklife, Minky, Shane I, Kasha Fire, Dj.Syxx, Calico, Nature Slang, Jahpaullin, Nico Flames, Hype Don, Annicka, FANS, Friends and my Kids Mother's.

Additional Thanks To

Duvel Green of Green Forest Prod's, Dj Lincoln, Knocklife Ent., Elite Prod's, Peter Baugh of Jumpstreet Prod's, Victory One Studio, Kings of Kings Intl, Jah Cutta, Bonfire Prod's, Shastri Ramjattan of Shastri Music, Meltin Prod's, African Tradition Prod's, Studio Mix Global, Prince Maxee and Frenz, Mackie Conscious, Ezra Williams and the late great Janice Beadle aka Sexy.G.

(c)2010-2013 Knocklife Entertainment, ,

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