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Knock At Life Trust Fund

Knock At Life Trust Fund is now accepting donations to complete water projects in the villages of Yakamete, Kwa Kitaa, Kamuthanga, Kya Sila and Metuma in Machakos District Kenya. Knock At Life Trust Fund has also paid and continues to pay secondary school fees for poor children in the above mentioned villages. Donations can be in the form of money and or equipment. All your donations are tax deductible.

Your donation, along with others, will support the following equipment and activities:

•Water Tanks

•Drilling Equipment

•Training for Water Supply Repair & Maintenance

•Provision of Water for Agricultural Purposes

•Roundtrip Transportation to Africa

•Healthcare Supplies & Small Medical Equipment

•Training for Mothers of HIV Infected Infants

•School Supplies & Computers

These activities are focused on small African institutions, such as schools, orphanages, clinics and small communities, where funds provide the maximum benefit to children.

If you have any inquirers regarding Knock At Life Trust Fund Mission, please call or email us.



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